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windows pptp / l2tp / ikev2 setting method

windows pptp / l2tp / ikev2 setting method

Get server address android APP or by

  • 1. Open Network and Sharing Center (computer bottom right)

  • 二.Create vpn dial

  • 三.Found in the lower right corner of your computer vpn connection created, and then click “Properties” (if windows8, click “Change adapter settings” you can also find vpn created)

  • 四.Here you can modify the server address you fill

  • 五.set PPTP

  • 六.set L2TP

(2)Import Certificate (Download Quick Import Tool)

(3)Into ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’;

2.Then set IKEV2
Data Encryption: Select “require encryption” or “maximum strength encryption.”

  • 八、Check the status of the connection is successful

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OPENVPN configuration and advantages

Please download openvpn configuration

OPENVPN belongs to no port vpn, use SSL encryption. Currently belongs to one of the safest vpn, can resist the corporate network administrators and network operators block!

whatsvpn openvpn full support WINDOWS, ANDROID, IOS, MAC and other systems.

The following is the Apple openvpn configurations:

1. Download openvpn software tunnelblick on Macintosh (
2. Install tunnelblick
3. Create a named “whatsvpn” on the Macintosh desktop folder
4. Open, landed Account
5. Click on the “Get WINDOWS, IOS, MAC configuration file” -> IOS (iphone and ipad) -> openvpn
6. You will see a list of profiles, such as:
Georgia, Atlanta .usa (download)
New Jersey (standby) .usa (download)
Japan Tokyo (1) .japan [vip privileges] (download)
Fremont, California .usa (download)
Video | Music | Download .japan [vip privileges] (download)
Video | Music | Download .usa_video (download)
Video | Music | Download .usa_video [vip privileges] (download)
7. Download any one line, and put the above “crossvpn” the document referred to in article 3 folder
8. put the folder “whatsvpn” renaming “whatsvpn.tblk”
9. Double whatsvpn.tblk will be automatically installed to tunnelblick
10. In the upper-right corner of the screen click tunnelblick icon, select whatsvpn, and connection.
11. Enter your account password, you can connect successfully after a few seconds
NOTE: Some lines may be short-term maintenance, use a download other lines.

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wifi tethering with other devices

wifi tethering with other devices
At first, android device connect vpn successfuly and appears key on the top,and then click the Settings icon->wifi tethering,you can see the proxy address shown belowing, then share vpn with LAN’s other devices .include WINDOWS,IOS,MAC,Macintosh,and so on。
Currently whatsvpn family members support one account simultaneously log on using three devices, each other is not affected. Welcome to the needs of multiple user accounts to purchase family members account.

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Why is slow Internet access through vpn?

Why is slow Internet access through vpn?
whatsvpn provide each vpn server speed are 100M-sharing networks. That is in an ideal network environment, download movies can reach 12M / S. The principle on internet I will not repeat them here. As long as you follow the “closer sooner, the sooner the better” principle to select the area you need to use vpn, you will have an optimal surfing experience. Why do I access the site is very slow it? I give an example: If you are in Japan, connecting France vpn, visit the U.S. site。 It is wrong. You should choose the U.S. vpn visit the U.S. site, this speed is the fastest.

slow access generally consists of the following reasons:

1、This line is busy:impact index ****

permanent line is used by many people, even  overload, the network is very slow

2.The speed limit:impact index ***

Bronze Member lines are generally in 0.4M bandwidth, download speed is 5kb / S, so slowly

3, broadband operators (ISP): impact index * * * * *

VPN is the principle of an open public network virtual line, this line is encrypted safe. Although there is no way to view the vpn ISP data, but can affect the speed of the vpn to achieve deceive. If you find it difficult when using vpn connection is successful, it is generally due to operators in the sin. Third-party operators is particularly evident. Solution: Replace or other networks and operators negotiated.

4, Site Issues: Impact Index ****

I suggest you get high-quality website.

5, network quality: Impact Index ****

If you are in mainland China Tibet using third-party operators A, if you want to visit Germany Your access path (route) is this: A -> Tibet Backbone -> Sichuan Backbone -> Guangdong exported -> submarine cable -> France -> Germany. If you are in Guangzhou, with a backbone internet That path is shortened: Guangdong exported -> submarine cable -> France -> Germany.

So when you try to select the choice of ISP backbone operators: such as China Telecom, China Unicom, Greater China Telecom, PCCW and so on.

6, the mobile phone network speed: Impact Index * * *

Solution: We recommend broadband: more than 1M;

.see our package plans

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Forgot email account,how to do?

Forgot email account,how to do?

First, if you register an account on the handheld device, and no replacement device, you can retrieve onekey to retrieve the account and password in the app software.
Second, if you still can not get back, please contact us and we will help you recover an account!

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WhatsVPN bank transfer

WhatsVPN bank transfer

Tip: If you can not online payment, using the bank transfer. when you transfer successfuly,Provide the account name (email) to the customer service us through the following, you can quickly turn services:
Customer Service Email:
App:menu -> Guestbook
Phone: +86 2885366298; +852 31108636   holder name:GOODYES NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED

wuchat payment: whatsvpn 2(Please add WeChat)   holder name:成都好耶科技有限公司
bank transfer:HSBC(HONGKONG)  , 中国招商银行 , 中国银行 , 中国建设银行 , 中国农业银行

銀 行(bank):香港匯豐銀行(HSBC Hong Kong)
開戶銀行(Bank Name):HSBCHK
戶口號(Account number):456 534007 838
户 名(Bank account holder name): GOODYES NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED
銀行代碼(Bank code):004
分行代碼(Branch code):622
Bank Address:1 Queen’s Road Centran Hong Kong

账号: 6214830285736376

账号: 6217903100012132791

账号: 6217003810045131029

账号: 6228480469535779570

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If you forgot password, how to do?

If you forgot password, how to do?

If you forget your password, you can app through a web client or retrieve your password!

app client support for a key to retrieve the password, provided you have not replaced the phone or do not brush!

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one-key set:whatsvpn,tlsvpn and staticvpn

one-key set:whatsvpn,tlsvpn and staticvpn

android client supports three kinds of one-key set protocol: whatsvpn, tlsvpn and staticvpn
1.whatsvpn: system default whatsvpn.GoodYes Technology develope private protocol, not public in the world .
Advantages:high speed internet , strong ability to penetrate; the validation process is not easy to be blocked
Disadvantages:Because it is new protocol, maybe there are some problems, need to constantly improve
2.tlsvpn: Using CA certificate encryption, security unquestionable. stock trading, online banking and other deemand friends of the data can be used for high complexity due to encryption, the disadvantage is slow…
Advantages:The complexity of the encryption, the strong security.
Disadvantages:Verify (AUTH) login process is slow; slow access; verification process can easily be intercepted
3.staticvpn: Using static key encryption, because the key is stored in the client phone, it is easy to be cracked, security is general.
Advantages: Verify (AUTH) login process faster
Disadvantages: slow access; the verification process can easily be intercepted

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